What Does Resident Life Look Like at Charter Senior Living?

Apr 12, 2021

“At Charter Senior Living, everything is designed to help you create the retirement lifestyle you’ve been looking for,” says Jayne Sallerson, Chief Operating Officer of Charter Senior Living. “Whether you choose an Independent Living, Assisted Living or Memory Care lifestyle, we are honored to give comfort and care to everyone who calls us home. From exceptional locations to amazing dining experiences, from life-enriching activities to maintenance-free living, we’re here to provide an easier, more enjoyable life.”

What does that mean? It means whatever you want. All of us have different expectations and desires for our retirement, and at Charter Senior Living, our collaborative team is here to help each resident design the lifestyle they want and deserve.

Want to spend your mornings quietly sipping your coffee and reading a good book? Have at it! Would you prefer to get up with the sun and enjoy an invigorating workout? You can do that, too! Be as social as you like, as active as you like and do the things you like. It’s easy – because Charter Senior Living makes it easy.

“We believe this is the time of your life to enjoy everything the world has to offer, so we handle all the tedious chores and tasks for our residents,” says Jayne.

What does that look like? Here are just a few standouts of resident life at Charter Senior Living.

No more chores or home maintenance.

What would you do if you could rid your to-do list of everything, and instead write a want-to-do list? Retirement should be your chance to say goodbye to obligations and instead live a life that revolves around you. That’s exactly how life is for residents at Charter Senior Living. We handle everything from home maintenance to cleaning to yardwork and even cooking. You enjoy a private home that’s rightsized for your retirement lifestyle while you let us handle the details.

A full social and events calendar.

When you no longer have to deal with chores and tasks, you can spend your time making friends, building relationships with your peers and pursuing the things that interest you. Residents at Charter Senior Living enjoy an events and activities calendar that’s filled with engaging activities for mind, body and soul – every day. Plus, making friends has never been easier since you’re surrounded by peers who are looking for the same fulfilling, engaging lifestyle as you. The biggest difficulty you’ll have is deciding what not to do.

Delicious dining.

Meals are meant to be experienced, savored and enjoyed – and they’re often the most important experience throughout the day. Not only does the dining experience at Charter Senior Living provide delicious, nutritious and well-balanced meals, but it’s also an excellent opportunity to socialize, build bonds and celebrate life in our community.

Peace of mind.

Our residents enjoy their retirement to the fullest because they can breathe easy, knowing they’re in a community where it’s easy to live healthily and independently, no matter how health needs may change in the future. Families can let go of the stress of not knowing how their mom or dad is doing. Instead, everyone can focus on enjoying time together … and enjoying all life has to offer.

What truly elevates Charter Senior Living from the rest is the personalized approach that stems from caring and compassion. Services and programs have been designed with our individual residents in mind, and we constantly seek feedback and ideas from our residents to ensure that lie is as engaged and fulfilling as possible.

“I believe the biggest difference for residents at Charter Senior Living is that we’re truly a family,” says Jayne. “Every one of our communities is staffed by caring team members who make it their mission to give our residents the very best possible care and service, along with a caring heart. Our residents definitely can feel that in every aspect of life here. Beneath the amazing services and enriching amenities, it’s that sense of family and home that truly make an enriching life. Each and every day is a new day to surprise and delight our residents.”

Your Journey. Your Way.

Charter Senior Living is a caring and compassionate leader within the senior living industry. Charter manages 24 senior living communities throughout the U.S., offering Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care services. A family-owned business with an executive team with more than 100 combined years in the senior housing industry, Charter Senior Living’s mission is to enhance the human spirit of our residents, families and employees while serving with heart, purpose and courage – and to have fun while serving.