The Nostalgia of 50 Years Ago Brings Up The Importance of Music For Us All

Jun 1, 2017

We’re Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
We hope you have enjoyed the show

A half century after its release, The Beatles famed studio album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band still brings feelings of joy and whimsy to those that hear it.

The album is a relic of a vanished era. The album that was released in 1967 is able to bring back memories and feelings when time once moved differently and art was experienced with a sense of rarity and appreciation.

The celebration of this timeless album makes us at Charter Senior Living contemplate how important music is to our history and how music affects our lives daily. And music can be used as an important resource in our communities to further create engaging and enriching lives for the members of the Charter family.

Music therapy has proven to be an extremely useful resource in the lives of senior citizens, especially of those with dementia or other memory loss diseases. One reason is that the music therapy gives their brains (and bodies) a workout through breathing, vocal, musical memory and movement exercises. In scientific terms, music releases the chemicals dopamine and serotonin in the brain that make them feel good.

Music can help in recalling memories, which is imperative for people just starting to lose their memory. If a person has a connection to a piece of music it’s usually because it reminds them of a person, place or time. They might not remember your name or the experience, but they associate it with something special.

Overall music can promote better physical and mental health in a variety of ways by:
— Relieving Boredom
— Motivating movement
— Rekindling positive memories
— Shifting negative thinking patterns
— Calming nervousness
— Encouraging happy thoughts
— Promoting social interaction

Just am many are saying that the release of this album had a powerful impact on the history of rock n’ roll, we know how impactful music is for our residents. Music is powerful!