High End, Urban Independent, Assisted Senior Living Proposed for Boca Raton

Dec 12, 2016

A new development is planned for Boca Raton. It will be called “The Concierge”.

According to the Developer, the building is designed with the utmost attention to luxury and service. Ignacio Diaz, from Group P6, mentioned that: “There is really no comparison for this development in the area, but if I were to draw a parallel, I would say we are trying create a ‘Ritz-Carlton’ version of Senior Living.”

Diaz says that the future residents will be “an integral part of Boca Raton. Seniors are a very important segment of the US population and every town and City should be prepared to welcome them. Plus, many of these residents will be persons with time and resources to spend in the myriad of dining options and activities that Boca Raton is starting to offer, from a movie to a personalized catered SPA experience. Most of the units will be targeted for independent senior living.

Charter Senior Living has been tapped as the Operator. Diaz says they were selected due to “their strong background, and knowledge of the industry, as well as their approach to treating every resident as a unique individual for an enhanced quality of life.” Keven J. Bennema, President and CEO of Charter Senior Living has over 25 years of senior housing experience. Charter Senior Living is a Boutique operator that emphasizes a strong employee culture that provides exceptional care and services for each of their valued customers.

“We are thrilled to be a part of this project”, says Mr. Bennema. “The level of attention in design that is being given to The Concierge promises it will be a truly unique offering in Boca Raton. We are speaking of a truly 5-star resort atmosphere, with a spa, a salon, a Zen garden, incredible views and dining, and, of course, concierge services.”

The Concierge is being designed by a collaboration of RLC Architects and Donahue Architecture and Design. Juan Caycedo, from RLC Architects points out: “It has been an incredible opportunity for us to be working with this outstanding team of professionals. The developer has commissioned a building that follows all guidelines, including the land use, density, open spaces, look and feel. It will be an outstanding property that should be an integral part of a vibrant location.” Kevin Donahue of Donahue Architecture and Design added: “Our innovative approach to well being in this extraordinary project, where each person is encouraged to live to the fullest, affirms our team’s commitment to change the way we all feel about Senior Living.”