Promoting Senior Wellness with Physical Therapy

Oct 29, 2018

Many people associate a decrease in stamina and strength with the aging process, but what many don’t realize is that it is partly the result of a lack of physical activity. The benefits of physical activity for seniors are vast. That’s why Charter Senior Living communities are dedicated to keeping seniors motivated and providing exercise programs along with many fitness and wellness classes, as part of our holistic approach to senior health and care.

Why Seniors Should Stay Physically Active

Apart from the mental health benefits, which include decreasing depression and anxiety, there are emotional health benefits to feeling healthier and more independent. In addition, seniors who do regular exercise experience:

  • improvement in balance, endurance, and stamina, resulting in increased dexterity and mobility;
  • reduced risk of falling and injuries from falling
  • less risk of developing high blood pressure, heart disease, and preventing strokes and blood clots
  • for those already suffering from hypertension, a decrease in blood pressure and heart rate
  • prevention of some cancers and diseases such as diabetes
  • improvement of joint and muscle strength, which is particularly beneficial for seniors suffering from chronic conditions and disabilities
  • healthier bones, muscles, and joints
  • less joint swelling, pain caused by arthritis or other conditions, and some of the effects of osteoporosis
  • increased ability to stave off infections (such as those leading to ulcers and pneumonia)
  • fall prevention – for seniors, falls are one of the biggest risks in terms of injuries

The Best Exercises for Seniors

A moderate amount of daily physical activity can provide significant and noticeable health benefits – and the exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous to be beneficial! Depending on the particular person’s health conditions, here are some of the best exercises for seniors:

  • walking
  • gardening
  • water aerobics or other light aquatic exercises
  • targeted stretching
  • chair exercises for better strength and mobility
  • mentally stimulating exercises such as Tai Chi or yoga

We know the power that physical therapy holds for all kinds of patients, especially seniors. Physical therapy for seniors has a variety of benefits which can include not only gaining strength and balance but also providing a renewed sense of confidence. Physical therapy can give seniors back their independence and make daily tasks easier.